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Cyclones Storm Slugfest Season Opener

Cyclones Storm Slugfest Season Opener

The Cyclones drove down to Santa Cruz at the end of August to battle out in the 2019 Slugfest at the Kaiser Permanente Arena. Playing in 3 matches over the weekend, the young Cyclone squad shows promise.

Head coach Jack Cowden said there was an outstanding performance from all the players and they had "a get the ball in play at all costs" attitude throughout the weekend.

Tournament highlights include first year Augustine Neininger hitting over .400 for the weekend and being named to the Tournament Second Team for her outstanding weekend performance. Neininger was joined at the net by junior transfer Jordyn Windom. Windom and Neininger create a strong blocking and hitting duo for the Cyclones. First year libero Ashley Noble added support in the back line with a weekend total of 58 digs. First year Haley Hurst played consistently throughout the weekend, adding significant stat lines in each game.

Cowden is excited to see great team energy and cohesion from his young squad, saying, "they are here to compete." He plans on continuing to develop their offensive systems while growing the defense posture of the team in this week's practices.

The Cyclones will compete next weekend in Denver, Colorado playing in the JWU Wildcats Invitational.

Tournament Higlights from your Cyclones:

Bard (B3-M1) 

Won third set (25-23)

Augustine Neininger hit .105

Ashley Noble had 29 digs

Haley Hurst had 14 digs

Aurora Gaines had 20 assists 12 digs

Franklin (F3-M0)

Ashley Noble had 10 digs

Sierra West had 10 digs

Haley Hurst had 3 blocks

Jordyn Windom had 2 blocks


Husson (H3-M0)

Ashley Noble had 19 digs

Haley Hurst hit .088